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Learning shoe design - is it possible?

Just as everyone knows that our shoes - their design and the state in which we present them to the world - are a mirror of our soul and our way of life, so are shoe design studies a mirror of the creative artist's mind. Choosing shoe design studies, is a choice in a unique, fashionable, focused, and full of spirit.

The clear knowledge that shoes have always been and will be an integral part of the fashion design world, but at the same time, constitutes a clear sub-discipline in terms of both their specific needs and definitions and the professional characteristics of design and execution, makes the unique content of shoe design studies challenging for both professionals. And for those who are looking for a diverse and applied hobby.

Leading colleges where shoe design studies can be offered often offer a combination of these studies along with other similar professional skills from the Accessory field. This is to distinguish the special set of complementary items and accessories that help us create a unique and distinctive fashion for ourselves. High-level shoe design studies will always include reference to both the theoretical and practical aspects of shoe design, including some clear highlights in each area:

Theoretical aspect:

- The history of the shoe and the history of shoe design as the basis of the design tradition

- Creative thinking and conceptual ideas

- Drawing, designing and sketching sketches and making models

- Manual and computerized design

The practical / technological aspect

- Material basis - types and raw material selection

- Preparation of two-dimensional and three-dimensional carvings

- The shoe parts and manufacturing secrets - from the heel, through the shoe body to the buckle and finish

- Skin working techniques and other materials

Successful shoe design studies are the ones that combine these aspects of theory and technology and help students acquire both artistic (material) and artistic (creative) tools. Successful design studies institutions will place emphasis in addition to the highest level of education, also to continue their students' path and do their utmost to open these doors to enable them to effectively apply the knowledge they have acquired, integrating into the fashion design market.

So if you are curious, or interested, if you see your future in the fashion world - shoe design as a field of practice can be of great interest to you. Unlike other areas of the fashion world, a shoe is something that goes with the wearer for many years. So feel free, don't worry - learn a profession that will help you easily integrate into the fashion world!

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