When buying work boots what should you look for? This is always a point we discuss with our customers at length. Many people seem to thinks it's more complicated that it actually is. All you need to know is what you want the work wear boots for and how much you want to spend.

Work boots tend to be designed for specific a job which is why there is a vast array of ranges and brands out there in the marketplace. With this, wide selection of boots comes the variance in prices that you can pay for them. There is the cheap end of the spectrum, the middle ground and then the premium work wear brands and ranges.

The cheap work boots tend to be just passable of the ISO numbers and regulations, nothing sparkling but a functional boot. An example of cheap functional work boots would be Chukka boots. They tend to be bought by companies and employers in large numbers for their staff to use in combination with other value work wear clothing. Chukkas are typically light throw away boots, not many wearers treat then well or with respect and as such are usually replaced several times a year.

The middle ground of work wear brands and ranges are vast.Brands like Cofra has capitalized by producing world class boots at reasonable prices. They have used their accumulated expertise from over 50 years producing footwear to good effect, Cofra work boots are built with the wearers comfort in mind.

Many firms are realizing that buying superior work boots as opposed to the cheap ones is the way forward and those firms can actually slash costs by reducing replacement purchases and also increase productivity of the staff across their entire work wear clothing requirements. Of course, if regulations dictate that you need boots with sufficient protection and specific qualities then you will already be looking at brands like Cofra, Dr Marten's, Tomcat, Grafter and many others.

The Premium brands tend to be limited in number. Premium work wear brands such as Cat boots, Dewalt and Timberland Pro tend to control that arena. Cat produces great boots which work just as well on the street as they do on the building site. Timberland Pro are Cat's big competitor and as such they drive each other to better results in the best work boots available on the market. The healthy competition benefits the consumer more so as the results are clear for all to see through design and innovation.

Cat and Timberland work wear boots can be seen on the High Street as well as in the trades industry, if you are willing to pay a high price for a pair of premium work boots like Cat and Timberland, you won't be sorry, you really do get what you pay for. Both brands spend large amounts of money to produce new fabrics, technologies and innovations that everyone else then tries to copy. Timberland Pro have a mantra that if the technology doesn't exist to produce the best boots they will just have to invent it. Whichever boots you do choose just be clear on what you want them for and be prepared to pay a little extra if needed because as far as work boots are concerned, you do get what you pay for.

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